The basics

I'm a Cloud Architect at a consulting company based in the Mid-West U.S. I'm excited about the future of technology, humble and always eager to learn and teach, and look every challenge in the face and know "Well I've always figured it out before, why would this time be any different?"

We may have a lot in common

There is a great opportunity to collaborate if you are:

  • A new developer, seeking guidance to avoid early pitfalls
  • A seasoned developer, seeking peers to hone skills and career choices
  • An enterprise wanting a gut-check on a key decision
  • An entrepreneur, just wanting to explore a problems space
  • An awesome human interested in teaching or learning

Is this you? Well, if you are, I can't wait to hear your stories and challenges!

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The boring stuff

A Career Change, Hard Work, and a Bit of Luck

After quite a large career change, I returned to university, and immediately pursued a Student Hourly position at my school. I was working mostly in the media production space and developing distributed education technologies.

I transitioned to custom application development, and was offered a Professional Staff position at Indiana University. I've since embraced several unique types of challenges in private sector including financial, education, and medical industries.

Currently Working: In Consulting

I'm an AWS Cloud Architect at CleanSlate Technology Group.

Learning particular frustrations, goals, and limitations of a particular client's problem space, then having the freedom to recommend solutions can be extremely rewarding when you do ship the solution, and see the client's delight at the results.