A Career Change, Hard Work, and a Bit of Luck

After quite a large career change, I returned to university, and immediately got a Student Hourly position at my school. I was doing mostly media production and working on distributed education technologies.

I moved into custom app development, and eventually was offered a Proffessional Staff position at my univeristy. I've since moved to several kinds of opportunities in public secter including financial, educational, and medical industries.

Currently Working: In Consulting

I'm currently an AWS Cloud Architect, senior consultant, and Practice Lead at Cleanslate Technology Group. It's my first experience with consulting, and it's quite exciting and motivating to me.

Learning particular frustrations, goals, and limitations of a particular client's problem space, and then having the freedom to recommend unique solutions can be extremely rewarding when you do ship the solution, and see the client's delight at the results.

Currently Sharing: On Twitch

Particular technology I'm interested in now include Gatsby, React, Graphql, AWS Amplify, and serverless technologies. I'm in IoT and automation, particularly around sustainability, home and work automation, and realtime interactions.

I started watching tech streamers on twitch years ago, and eventually built many relationships. At some point I was a moderator on several streams, helping build up communities, promote inclusiveness, and help new people.

One day, December 27th, 2018 after the support from many others, I clicked that GO LIVE button. In a whirlwind of getting my bearings, figuring out a schedule, learning how to interact with a new audience, I essentially was able to speed-run the requirements for Twitch Affiliate.

Since then we have added Silicon Saturdays to the lineup, established an active and inclusive discord community, done charity fundraising events, and helped build up many other streamers to achieve their own community goals.