Designing and Architecting a Digital Garden

Inspiration and Goals

I'm inspired to write to achieve some of these following goals

  • Learn in public
  • Keep my own notes for my own reference
  • Quickly share things to others who request help
  • Explore new ideas
  • Fail early, and post a warning sign
  • Collect content to re-purpose
  • Build a marketable collection of learning and expertise
  • Be searchable on google
  • Very quickly iterate based on new learning

Quick Links for Inspiration

Practical Next Steps

How can I even organize thoughts, notes, seedlings themselves

  • Consolidate all content, co-located, in one directory
  • Distinguish between "growth" of content based on tags/categories/status
  • Refactor how I build pages and handle page display between existing 2 types of content
  • Back-port some labeling to existing stuff

Can I even find my own notes

  • Revise the Alfred workflow locally
  • Implement at least some basic fuzzy search
  • Broad category/status/tag filters

Experiments to Perform

  • How easy is it to consolidate/move all my files together?
  • Can I still call out/highlight things on different pages, in groups, in an order?
  • Does this introduce friction? Do I need a default for a "quick note"?
  • Do I really want to take the nomenclature of seedling, budding, evergreen?

Decisions and Learning To Do

  • I definitely would prefer to not have 2 separate pages for content
  • I do want to call out, somehow, things that are more mature
  • I don't really care too much about order
  • I would like to feature something, changeable, that I'm particularly proud of